Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim – In the name of ALLAH the most merciful and most benevolent

A Letter to my Muslim Brother

Asalaam Aleikum

I greet you in the name of ALLAH, to whom I pray incessantly for your redemption. It is now about 5 years since I first met you, and about 4 years since I got to know you. Alhamdulillah, this has been quite an experience and journey for me, and I am sure it has been for you. In that time, you have introduced me to only one of your wives or ex-wives, and she is a blessing, a beauty and an amazing woman. I am so grateful for the mercies you have shown in allowing my friendship with her, and I say allow in so much as you did, allow.

I knew some of your other wives, women who, just like me, come from a purely Christian home, and who are the only reverts to Islam in their entire families. There is no way to describe the isolation one feels as a revert under such circumstances, only to state that one’s own deen and one’s own devotion to ALLAH makes the journey so worthwhile.

I wish to applaud your efforts in propagation of Islam. Surely it is not an easy thing to share ones’ faith, much less to those who were raised to believe otherwise. May ALLAH reward you.

Dear brother in Islam, this letter is not just one of castigation – because I intend to castigate you, but one of remembrance to our obligations to the Almighty and in that remembrance a further acknowledgement of the crime that you have committed against Muslim sisters.

If there is a fragile being on this planet, it is the woman who seeks spiritual enlightenment. Throughout the ages you will find that every single new religious sect had amongst its numbers myriad women, who openly devoted themselves to the pursuit of universal knowledge, to discover who they are and to determine that there is a spirituality that we must seek and ultimately embrace. I suppose that is how the creator made us, women, to be so attuned to HIS own life and source such that we bear life and are the source of humanity. Is not ALLAH great? That he gives to his daughters the ability not just to bear life, but to ultimately and incessantly seek ALLAH, desiring only that purity that comes from HIS light.

I have no doubt in my mind that ALLAH loves women. Repeatedly his Messenger of Mercy the esteemed Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be unto him) stated that “Paradise lies under the feet of your mothers.” We are all your mothers, each one of us inheriting the womb that ALLAH gave the first woman, each of us a sign of the miracle of life, a sign to remind us all as humanity, that there is a Creator.

My brother, you have been a coward. A coward is a Muslim man who knows the dictates of the Almighty as concerns the daughters of Eve, and every woman on this planet, and chooses, nonetheless to be DISOBEDIENT.

Because bravery is to obey ALLAH, as Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) showed us in his Sunnah. Bravery is to follow the teachings and tenets of the Quran, without fail, and especially as concerns women.

Cowardice is to violate women, to abuse them and to be disrespectful.

It has reached me, again, that you have violated your wife, the current one, who is actually divorcing you. How many divorces/wives are those? 10? Or perhaps more, some we may not even know about, only you and Shaitan your master, are aware.

Dear brother, don’t be taken aback when I tell you Shaitan is your master. Because it is obvious that ALLAH is not, and the master of those who are disobedient is ultimately the most DISOBEDIENT ONE.

You had the temerity to tell your current and soon to be ex-wife this:

“ I can shout at you anytime if I’m annoyed with YOU and I’m VERY annoyed! Very! And yes, I can shout at you and I can even Kill you!”


You told my dear sister that you can even kill her, and then your wicked mind had thought further, and decided the sort of excuse you can use to escape the consequences should you actually kill her. You stated that you would blame mental illness. You abused my sister, physically violated her, and you threatened her very life.

My brother.

Islam is NOT a mental illness, and it is not a religion for excuses, reasons or escapism.  Your threats to your wives, and there are many, we have documented. You are not going to use any of the well constructed stories your demon mind came up with, to escape justice.

I write this letter as a foreboding, we are surely tested in this world and this situation is surely a test for many women, and many people who love these women. We reverted to Islam not because you happen to be a handsome man, but because the beauty of Islam shone through to our very souls. For you to use Islam to predate on revert sisters especially and to then flagrantly abuse them while claiming mental illness is a premeditated murder upon the soul of these women.

I am accusing you of attempted murder. That your predatory nature, your clear psychopathy and the abuse of giving “Dawah” has cause a death in the hearts of so many women, Subhanallah! those that turned away, were driven away from the purity of Islam by YOU.

This letter is not just to one, disgusting man; it is to all Muslim brothers who are inherently disobedient towards ALLAH, those of you who on a daily basis abuse, humiliate and are egregious to women, reverts or those born in Islam. Know that your master Shaitan is ALREADY DEFEATED. Your predatory behavior is noted, your use of “preaching spirituality and Islam” has been noted and we are NOT AFRAID OF YOU.

To you, my Muslim brother, who inspired this letter, know this. I shall not rest, and I shall not desist. If Shaitan drives you to abuse my sisters, know that ALLAH drives ME to seek justice. You will not escape his WRATH; you will not escape JUSTICE in all its forms.  I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU.


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